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File this under “whoops”

15 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Long have American and German intelligence personnel, among others, railed against and/or circumvented the ban on using Facebook. But some of NATO’s top brass just got hooked in a Chinese fishing expedition via Facebook, so may the brass ought to follow their own rules about avoiding social networking sites?

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Throwing the “bullshit” flag

15 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Just because one is transgendered or trans-curious does not mean one is so “confused” that one betrays classified information. I sincerely doubt Manning suddenly confused his flashdrive of classified material for Wikileaks with a wand of mascara. I personally know transgendered people in sensitive positions, highly-responsible positions, serious-pressue positions, in various walks of like. One’s […]

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This is why you read the source’s entire report…

11 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

… Instead of just scanning the headlines. Especially in these days of “click candy”, it’s absolutely crucial to comprehend fully and to think critically before clicking. JFK package probably NOT nerve gas, try to relax people!

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Propaganda of the Image

8 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Back from a journey to find: This well-stated newspaper op-ed about the recent jailbreaks and chatter; Indications the WH will cave in to terrorist detainee hunger strikes and hard-left protests by furthering the release process for a handful of Gitmo’s enemy combatants to Yemen; and Today’s plane diversion , which is either a nifty false-flag […]

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