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This is an excellent and concise definition of “the -stan problem” from RIA Novosti (here):

“Attacks on security forces, police and civilians generated by ethnic, religious and political rivalries, as well as poverty and corruption, occur regularly in the North Caucasus. The violence is also fed by an Islamist insurgency…”

Whoever wrote that deserves a rise.

Meanwhile, Russian politicians introduced a bill to hold the parents responsible for their minor children’s participation in terrorist activities (here). I’m not certain you can legislate people to behave the way they ought, but it’s a gesture showing that at least some people want to stop the -stan (and -stine) cycle. In my own experience, the mothers know exactly what goes on in their homes – it’s not merely the madrassa/mosque dynamic.

Finally, the biggest shock about the whole Dagestan incident seems to be that the bus-bomber radicalized her husband, a reaction summarized in this RIA Novosti op-ed. Just a few weeks ago it was the whole White Widow thing, and a few years before that it was the Dutch woman homicidist.

Some day soon – hopefully before too many more people die at the hands of female terrorists – our security forces will give women equal weight and influence as sociopathic and brain-rabid entities wearing a human-shaped suit devoid of any human content, just like the male terrorists. The Baader-Meinhof incidents most famously taught that lesson – history provides many further examples of female agency – but it has yet to be learnt.


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