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Following the latest death-by-drone of a dirtbag (see Friday’s posting) Pakistan has summoned the US ambassador. Today’s local article and another.

Why are they determined to negotiate with terrorists? It seems to be for purposes of religious cover in the media – see especially the second article, and given the recent few months’ crackdown on “blasphemous” Youtube content – but the real reason remains obscure. Hopefully they’re not having trouble protecting their nukes (again)? It’s well-known there have been attacks, and the state seems quite weak.

Meanwhile, once again they’re threatening to blockade the overland routes for Afghanistan. As if harbouring OBL practically beside their military academy weren’t enough shame to last for a few years; or the last blockade, which resulted in the Canadian Forces’ materiel being pillaged (see Thursday’s post); or the fact that India has been trying to extradite key IM terrorists for weeks without any response, which Pakistan ought to do for the sake of the victims regardless of the Kashmir dispute… Such inaction amounts to a tacit condonement of terrorism, and that speak volumes about this “ally”.


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