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Today’s title is borrowed from this excellent deconstruction of al-Jazeera’s propaganda, trying to create a conspiracy-theory narrative when in fact he just plain died… And it was a much nicer death than the many thousands he killed or incited others to kill. If only Arafat’s victims were able to generate so much righteous outrage, instead of the old terrorist dirtbag himself.

Aside from the forensic biochemistry problems — firstly, of a corpse’s natural lead isotope degrading into polonium; secondly, of any corpse’s polonium degrading into more lead which, even in poor old Litvinenko’s case, can’t be detected separately from the natural occurrence of lead in soil — the fact is that, after nine years, due to the half-life of polonium only something approximating 1/1.4×10*7 (1/14,000,000th) of any “poisoning” dose would be detectable now.

The Swiss scientists’ data could not even establish consistent sample data, let alone conclusions. They’ve merely used the usual scientific disclaimer vocabulary to mask what is barely scientific at all. (You can find the full pdf at al-J, I’m not linking it here so to avoid contributing any web traffic to them.)

The fact that Al-Jazeera commissioned the study tells us to follow the money, too. They didn’t get the results they wanted from the earlier French and Russian studies, so they found the Swiss lab to give them the result they wanted. In the cosmetics industry this sort of intellectual prostitution is called being a “biostitute”. (Carl Hiaasen’s Skinny Dip has a great send-up of such “biology” and the sort of folks who engage in it.) Pretty much any country with a solid scientific reputation would have done to add weight to the story, however. The fact that the Swiss are perceived as precise and neutral is a huge bonus.

Considering the whole NSDAP-adoring atmosphere in which Arafat was raised and educated, and the legacy of that hatred that he left the Mideast, it’s small wonder that someone has paid to come up with this crap. Never mind that plenty of Muslims wanted him dead too… The study’s backers want to make it look like Mossad, of whom they’ll believe just about anything, and segments of their target audience want desperately to believe it as well. So it’s great clickbait for their website and thus enhances both prominence and revenue, in addition to the financial aid already received to undertake and publicize this nonsense. Plus, it’s confirmation bias supply for their backers and viewers. Win win win except for a bunch of Jews they don’t like anyway.

Their house brand of flagrantly misleading “journalism” is perfect for this sort of smearing, too. Anyone who’s got some critical thinking skills or who’s studied logical argumentation can pick it apart easily inside of a few minutes. Sadly, the world’s media have more or less unquestioningly accepted the al-J bias, which says less about the world media’s professional standard than it does about their editors’ (and their audiences’) mediocre education.

Oh well, at least he is decomposing into a dirtbag literally now. Hopefully they leave him alone long enough to get busy with that.


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