Nusbacher Associates

Nusbacher Associates will start the Spring with strategy.  The first step in structured strategy is horizon scanning, and we will begin the year with sector-specific horizon-scanning workshops for chief executives, board members and similar senior leaders.  These one-day workshops will draw on the expertise of the attendees and our own highly developed horizon scanning skills to develop views of the business future which will form the basis for making strategy, planning and action.

Our first sessions will be workshops on the future of resilience for senior leaders in airport and airline businesses.  The next sessions will be on the future of maritime security for intelligences and operators.

To apply for a place or to discuss a sector-oriented workshop contact us through the email or phone details on our contact page.


We can let you know about coming workshops and events exclusive to subscribers. We will not, of course, sell or give our mailing list to anyone else, on our honour as Devil's Advocates.



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