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-Bin Hazam was an Afghan imam popular in Saudi papers 

– Oct ’06 he wrote a fatwa to take courage from “external sources” (which he clarified as infidel/kufir sins of Westerners) and to wage jihad through Friday prayers 

– I checked social media and found the account of a lady living a couple blocks from the theatre, she posted at 1237 that she’s heard explosions for the last two minutes, so 1235

-1235 is the local time for Friday’s 3rd prayer in Paris, in line with fatwa

– there’s some Chechen influence… location (theatre) and modus operandi (attackers waiting for police to arrive then detonating themselves to kill the police responder)… all very similar to ’02 Moscow attack

– In my experience there’s Iraqi influence in the coordination/comms style

– I posit there’s a British influence in launching multiple incidents that spread out the CT and police responders, thus enabling 2nd and 3rd wave‎ attacks

– Anniversary of 13 Nov 2001 when President Bush signed Executive Order for subjecting foreign terrorists to military tribunals‎; France agreed to it when it joined the Coalition.


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