Nusbacher Associates

Rina Atienza joins Nusbacher Associates as Director of Operations.

Her playful curiosity and eclectic interests show her to be a multi-potentialite, which makes her difficult to pigeon-hole.

She is a social engineer who pushes for more radical and imaginative visions to tackle ‘wicked’ problems. She enjoys cultivating connections, and values the application of playfulness.

Rina came to us as a senior communications professional with experience in managing creative campaigns, developing brands and delivering projects. She has worked with telecoms, arts organizations, charities, startup companies and national governments.

She studied History of Art at Warwick University, and completed her MA in Social & Cultural History at Birkbeck College.

In her spare time, she sings with the Some Voices London choir, and can be spotted irreverently doing stand-up comedy.


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