Nusbacher Associates

When Pinsent Masons set up our Brexit advisory unit we brought together expertise from strategy, policy and legal practice to provide market-leading advice to our clients in a time of unparalleled change. Working with former Cabinet Minister Douglas Alexander as a strategic adviser to the firm, alongside UK government strategy adviser Lynette Nusbacher, our objective was to steer boards and GCs through the short, medium and long-term challenges and opportunities offered by Brexit.

Having recently set up the Strategic Horizons Unit within UK government to develop the national security strategy, Lynette Nusbacher was brought in after Number Ten scrapped the first attempt because the process hadn’t started with essential structured scenario development.

Lynette said:

“Structured scenario work prepares you for the future you’re going to have to deal with, not just the one you’d like to deal with. You can never get rid of uncertainty, but structured scenario work can help you understand and prepare for the reality when it comes.”

Have a read of this booklet by Pinsent Masons on Brexit preparation for corporate lawyers to see how we makea difference in practical commercial strategy.


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