Nusbacher Associates

Policy and strategy expert and Pinsent Masons consultant Lynette Nusbacher addressed geo-political matters that will shape the financial services environment. She predicted a chaotic period for government and regulation in the period immediately following 29 March 2019, when the UK is anticipated to exit the EU.

According to Nusbacher, who specialises in Brexit scenario planning, the UK is likely to reach post-Brexit agreements on trade with the US, India and other big economies, but warned that the terms of those agreements may not be agreed soon or on terms that are especially advantageous to UK companies. She also said there is hope that the UK business community will be able to use the ‘soft power’ it holds in the Commonwealth and build on cultural affinities, personal ties and relationships to grasp new trade opportunities, but noted that the Commonwealth does not have uniformly fond memories of past relationships with Britain and warned that UK business growth in the Commonwealth market post-Brexit should not be assumed.


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