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When advising, lawyers should be able to identify the specific risks to report to their clients. For instance, lawyers should be able to advise on realistic timescales for implementing changes that will protect businesses against those risks. Dr Lynette Nusbacher, former Head of the Strategic Horizons Unit in the UK Cabinet Office and former Lecturer in War Studies at Sandhurst, suggests that engaging with scenario planning allows businesses to take control of their future. According to Dr Nusbacher, structured scenario work will prepare businesses for the future they are going to have to deal with, not just the one they would like to deal with. This is an important statement to consider. Brexit may bring forward changes which businesses may not be used to. It is important for lawyers to work closely with businesses and outline how changes may affect them and what steps businesses can take to minimize risks. Businesses and law firms should make use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to help achieve this.

Legal Era contributor Anamitra Mukhopadhyay covers Nusbacher Associates’ advice on Brexit preparation.


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