Nusbacher Associates

Nusbacher Associates has been fully engaged in Brexit for just over three years now.  We had our first Brexit engagement in February of 2016, our first client event in March of 2016, and we’ve been going full force on Brexit preparation for our clients since early July of 2016.

The good thing about Brexit prep has been that using strategy tools to understand a discontinuous event has helped our clients develop their strategic working and strategic alignment.  Of course it’s also really helped our clients to inoculate themselves against shock, and rise above the muck of Brexit political manoeuvring.

Whatever happens over the next few days, the task ahead of us is going to be transcending the Brexit moment itself and shaping the future relationship between the UK and the EU.  This is so if (by some magic) we accept The Deal, if some other gimmick presents itself, or if we withdraw our Article 50 notification:  Leaving the is too important to UK electoral politics to disappear over a few days’ political wrangling.


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