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Working with our client, the global law firm DLA Piper, we are beginning to make strategy for the period of recovery from coronavirus-related disease and its effects.

In order to establish the parameters for this work, we brought virologist and coronavirus expert Emilia Skirmuntt in to cut through a lot of the overheated statements we have been reading on the socials and even on respectable media websites. Most interesting point: most likely scenario is that it’s over before September. Grimmest point: our readiness for viral pandemic has been degrading since 2003.

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Our own Lynette Nusbacher wrote a piece trashing the idea that discontinuous events can’t be anticipated. Everybody needs to make strategy based on realistic futures, and realistic futures are about the unexpected (as well as the expected).

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DLA Piper needs to work hard now, in order to have their recovery strategy ready. Not every business turns over two and a half billion bucks a year like DLA Piper, but every business needs to do serious strategy work if they’re going to get out of the operational hell that is coronavirus, and into scenario planning the recovery.

We are happy to set aside time to workshop strategy with established and new clients, and because all of us are keen to remain fighting fit over the next few months, we are set up to do all the work via video conference.

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