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1+2=3 (A handy tool for field evaluation of sources.)

13 February, 2015 | The Red Team Red Queen

This week I’ve been revisiting some colleagues and thus revisiting some thoughts about source evaluation. Money – Ideology – Compulsion – Ego. The classic quadripolar model of a HUMINT source’s motivations. Occasionally the shop talk centers around which sort of source one prefers: The Money men with dollars in their eyes; the Ideologues striving for […]

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Unconventional Warfare is History’s Most Conventional Warfare

11 February, 2014 | The Red Team Red Queen

Having argued for years myself that today’s “conventional” military forces and ways of war are, historically, a sporadic occurrence, I’m pleased to note that Dr Max Boot has published his magnum opus on the subject of what currently receives the label of “irregular” or “asymmetric” or “guerilla” warfare but is, in fact, the “usual” sort […]

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Sochi is Misdirection – Watch the Kremlin.

7 February, 2014 | The Red Team Red Queen

The “respond with strength” dictum governing Russia’s political realm is well-known, so suffice it to say that Russia now shines forth as an example of those “disproportionate response” signs you find all over those little corners of the world where both the people and the police are fine with an angry homeowner venting frustration upon […]

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Asymmetrical Warfare: An Operator’s View

10 January, 2014 | The Red Team Red Queen

UPDATE:  Reformatted into *.PNG and minor amendment of text. Here’s a handy little graphic suitable for your next death-by-powerpoint presentation. Summary:  When foreign military intervention occurs for counterterrorism purposes, its success requires consistency and intensity across the timeline of engagement; the current pyramid scheme (aka drawdown) undercuts committed HCN involvement and thus facilitates long-term instability. […]

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Defining Terrorism (Transactional Analysis Psychology, Cults and Gangs, Just War, and is Terrorism Different?)

31 December, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Most people don’t realize that there is no definition of terrorism.  Now that my most recent relocation has passed, #Volgograd is in the news and the Chinese regime is trying to paint this week’s Uighur violence as “terrorism” (see @RedQRedT on Twitter),  I thought it may be helpful to post some of my thinking on […]

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Interesting reading

8 December, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

A bit of weekend reading, the mad earl who went undercover in Nazi France – Charles Howard, 20th earl Suffolk.

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For your enjoyment…

6 December, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Due to some hardware issues, another blog won’t be along until next week. In the meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, head over to Youtube and search for “QI series E episode 7” which is a UK quiz show themed on espionage.

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Death of a Radio, or: Fun with Open SIGint

17 November, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

So back in the day when yours truly was working in [undisclosed location], I had a little hand-cranked world-band radio and used to muck about on “good” atmopsheric conditions nights by trying to hear whatever could be heard. One of the stations was, of course, The Buzzer aka Russian Radio UVB-76. This station still exists, […]

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