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Whom to believe?

29 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Further to my post earlier today about the Benghazi cover-up allegations accumulating more proof, the State Department’s difficulties with the truth there make it very difficult to believe their statements about anything else in the region. For example, this Canadian article reports State’s official line on today’s disturbance in Sanaa, claiming four things: it was […]

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See that smoke? That’s the WH narrative on Benghazi going up in flames.

28 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Let’s see how long this story runs before the CBS reporter’s home or office is searched, shall we?

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Are you smarter than a Fifth-grader? Why Anonymous exploited this Canadian boy.

28 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Apparently, Anonymous has now decided to engage in child exploitation. “Anonymous” recruited this 12yo to hack — and to teach even younger kids his tricks — in return for free video games. Not much classier than a perv in a van offering free candy, really. Why does Anonymous want Canadian kids? Canada’s YCJA laws (formerly […]

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Shit, meet Fan.

27 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

If you thought the Europeans were annoyed about American collection activities, it’s about to get even more interesting (if this reporter’s sources are accurate) — Snowden may have gotten upwards of 30,000 JWICS items believed to affect polities “not publicly aligned” but cooperating with American intelligence. As if compromising JWICS isn’t a nightmare enough, this […]

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*updated* NSA website down…

25 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

*Update begins* Thanks to Lilly Evans of Nusbacher Associates for her quick work tonight in pinpointing this tweet indicating the root of tonight’s news: @emptywheel2m OK, so the NSA’s own update the day before a protest of them takes them down for 10 hours? Really? So it’s bad timing or incompetency, or maybe both. *update […]

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Handy NSA News Timeline

23 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Handy! NSA news timeline. If you’re not on mobile, type “www.” instead of “i.” to begin the url. Interesting reading!

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“The -stan problem” and female terrorists

22 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

This is an excellent and concise definition of “the -stan problem” from RIA Novosti (here): “Attacks on security forces, police and civilians generated by ethnic, religious and political rivalries, as well as poverty and corruption, occur regularly in the North Caucasus. The violence is also fed by an Islamist insurgency…” Whoever wrote that deserves a […]

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“Swarmwise” Pirate Party Founder AMA

21 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

For those interested in Reddit AMA, Rick Falkvinge is doing the online q+a thing right now.

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Accuracy in Numbers

20 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

An interesting article about verifying your source when the pace and the fog of war combine to obscure his sources, and about the bottleneck effect (when a source seems to have what no-one else can get). The Syrian Brit more cited than any other Syrian source.

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20 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

The Chief Justice of the SCOTUS appoints the FISA judges, so even though FISA is technically a court of the legislative branch, that fact would imply jurisdiction. The government brief is posted here FWIW, practically screaming “please don’t scrutinize our overreach” between the lines.

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