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Mission Implausible

10 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

This photo will self-destruct in 10 minutes. Timed destruction and descrambling devices come to the iPhone crowd, ostensibly designed for the party crowd to share things more “discreetly” but the wider applications are… interesting. In other news, this week NSA will begin trying to uncrack the encrypted visual sharing and time-detonated files on your iPhone.

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Follow the (digital) money

8 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Having seen a few American media sources alternately praising (anarchocapitalism ftw!) and damning (oh noez, it’s a digital hawala!) the recent court decision on Bitcoin’s official standing as a currency down there, Canada is going ahead with Bitcoin kiosks — although having your wallet in your phone to steal may not be my personal idea […]

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Spy photos for scholarship

4 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

A friend found this nifty notice about studying declassified spy photos for determining new archaeology digs.

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Psy vs Psy

2 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

So those photos of people wearing uniforms? Still no confirmation they’re actual American servicemembers, especially as several displayed the Stars and Stripes incorrectly in their pics, and the whole “chickenshit” aspect to faceless defiance. But the soi-disant “Syrian Electronic Army” knows a victory image when they see one, so they posted this tacky little collage […]

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Fake nuke tipster found guilty

2 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

We’ve all heard of fake cops, fake firefighters, fake medical staff, and nuisance tipsters but this twit took attention-whoredom to a new level. An acquaintance acquainted with the situation from the utility side says this happens more than you’d expect, but rarely does the wannabe take it to the 3rd degree like this. Hmmmm.

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Interrogation resistance tactic

1 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Interesting article – a rare media mention of an enemy resistance tactic during CT interrogation. (Sorry not to post any analysis, but that’s outside the geography with which I’m familiar.) Times of India usually has some pithy stuff for those who would like to follow the mujahideen situation in India as post of the larger […]

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3rd Mate wanted for RCN…

31 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Looks like there’ll be a berth available for a 3rd Mate on the HCMS Algonquin after she was rendered nondeployable during today’s paint-and-bow-scraping exercise with HCMS le Protecteur…more like the HMCS Ooops. Good thing it wasn’t our submarines, that’d be half the fleet out of commission right there… UPDATE – Higher-level spokesfolks release pics of […]

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A rare look into DPRK intel school

30 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Memoir reviewed by AFP —

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And now for something completely different!

28 August, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

As I’m bogged down with historical work today and thus delayed in providing some pithy analytical remarks on current events, here’s a historical spymaster for your daily dose of intel. Say hello to Lord Walsingham

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