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Rosalind Luper Joins Nusbacher Associates

9 January, 2014 | Lynette

Nusbacher Associates is proud to announce that Rosalind Luper is joining the firm as Operations Manager. Ros has in the past been judged the Most Efficient Administrator in Europe, and we look forward to her administrative effectiveness honing the razor edge of Nusbacher Associates’s capabilities. Ros comes to us after working with Connexions Berkshire and […]

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What’s an anchorite, and what was she doing walled up in that church?

2 January, 2014 | Lynette

Are you an anchorite? Without structured methods of horizon scanning you can’t help but see a narrow version of the future, coloured by your background and expectations.  Nusbacher Associates can help you use tools to hunt black swans, inoculate yourself against surprise and create a clear picture of your business future.

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Lynette teaches Rome on video

19 December, 2013 | Lynette

English expert on historical fighting Mike Loades has directed a new video on the Battle of the Teutoburger Forest, with voice commentary by our own Lynette Nusbacher.  Catch it on YouTube.

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Nusbacher Associates Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

18 November, 2013 | nbcms

On 14 November 2013 Lynette Nusbacher facilitated a working group in Newcastle upon Tyne which brought together experts in social care, policing and information systems to begin planning information-sharing between agencies in Tyneside. The aim is to save lives by helping public safety professionals to share information on young and vulnerable people when their lives […]

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Red Team Red Queen Joins Nusbacher Associates

15 October, 2013 | nbcms

The historian and intelligence analyst Dana Cushing, late USMC, is joining Nusbacher Associates as our regular blogger.

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Lynette in the top 100

15 October, 2013 | nbcms

Dr Lynette Nusbacher, core partner of Nusbacher Associates, has once again been listed as one of the 101 most influential LGBT people in the United Kingdom by the Independent on Sunday newspaper.

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30 July, 2013 | nbcms

Everyone assumes that the future will be a linear projection of the present.

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Lilly on Garmisch 2013

7 April, 2013 | Lynette

In Lilly on Garmisch 2013, Lilly Evans reports on the Garmisch cyber security summit 2013.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all our videos and vlogs as we upload them!

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29 October, 2012 | nbcms

We’re brave enough to call a spade a shovel in our new website.

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