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Back to the grind, dear readers!

10 November, 2015 | The Red Team Red Queen

At long last I’m done (mostly) with surgeries for the foreseeable future. My advice is never to find yourself too close to radiating sources and explosions. Tomorrow I shall post I quick how-to for explaining why we have conflicts and militaries, for the benefit of veterans and scholars observing 11/11… including a simple way to […]

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(medical absence)

12 July, 2015 | The Red Team Red Queen

Dear Readers, Unfortunately, for the 20th time in just 9 years, I’ve been badly let down by the American veterans’ administration. As a result, my health and time are devoted to that fight at present. Sincerely I apologize that I can’t be here to present my analyses for you, my readers, because I value very […]

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The Buzzer and Putin’s Ukraine speeches

23 February, 2015 | The Red Team Red Queen

A quick look at OSINT from when the Buzzer, a Russian numbers station, has broadcast the word TERRAKOTA for the last three times – there seems to be a correlation with major Putin speeches about Ukraine. Correlation isn’t causation, and it may be just coincidence. That being disclaimed, here’s what I found in about five […]

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Why shaping fails (and how to stop failing)

20 February, 2015 | The Red Team Red Queen

“Shaping” is the military buzzword of the postmodern era. Yet it doesn’t seem to work, as anyone who’s noticed the news can tell. But why does shaping fail? What can we do to stop failing? The evidence to answer both questions is all around us, so let’s have a look. First, here’s a quote that […]

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Red Queen returns in December

27 May, 2014 | The Red Team Red Queen

Due to a personal medical issue that is taking longer than expected to resolve, the Red Queen’s blog shall return in mid-August.  In the meantime, you may enjoy her occasional series of espionage news and intelligence history posts on Twitter (@RedQRedT, keywords “intelligent history”).

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Female terrorists: The bias, the deadly reality.

13 November, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

The Zschaepe trial is interesting because this female terrorist is trying to play the “housekeeper” card: She didn’t know what the male terrorists were up to, she just did the domestic chores and generally played the role of mushroom. As with Islamist terrorists, this is complete and utter bullshit.These women know exactly what’s going on […]

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Minus one more dirtbag

12 November, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

You notice how these HVT sorts never shit where they live or vice-versa? And how they rail against all kinds of “kufr” luxuries, yet enjoy so many of those same luxuries? Oh well, can’t take it with you when you go —

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Men In Black Burqas

10 November, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Apparently there’s been a few more “Men in Black… Burqas” incidents lately. This article shows the rather hilariously bad result of one such escape, and claims warning went around in 2007. As late as that?! Not only is disguising male operatives or soldiers as women (usually as washerwomen, to be precise) among the oldest tricks […]

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7 November, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

In order to keep this blog for analysis work, I’ve opened a Twitter account for sharing the day’s breaking news and interesting headlines. So please do follow along there, if you use Twitter, since the content is actually different between these two online spaces. Thanks!

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7 November, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Today’s title is borrowed from this excellent deconstruction of al-Jazeera’s propaganda, trying to create a conspiracy-theory narrative when in fact he just plain died… And it was a much nicer death than the many thousands he killed or incited others to kill. If only Arafat’s victims were able to generate so much righteous outrage, instead […]

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