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What’s the opposite of cyberspace?

It’s meatspace, and it’s getting smaller every day.

Within 30 years every aspect of our economy apart from weeding a beetroot patch will be integrated into the network of networks that connects the world electronically. What does that mean for your profit and loss next year? How can you take a strategic approach to the immense opportunities of cyberspace? How should you respond to the hucksters trying to sell you protection? How can you integrate your expertise in your business sector with an understanding of the future of business? We can help you find those answers.

What on Earth is meatspace?

People often talk about cyberspace without understanding what it is.  The first step is understanding what it isn’t.  The portion of the universe that isn’t cyberspace isn’t ‘the real world’ because cyberspace is part of the real world.  The portion of the universe that isn’t cyberspace, the part of the world where things go through pipes and tubes, the part of the world where there are smells and touch and taste; that’s meatspace.

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Is the cyber economy a thing?

Is the cyber economy just something for tech companies and ebay traders? Is the cyberverse just for spam and social media?  Put those thoughts away:  by 2025 nearly every part of the economy will do at least some of its business in cyberspace.

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Are you a greyhound?

She is lean and efficient, a top performer; but she doesn’t actually go anywhere.

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Where does your satnav take you?

Lynette asks two tough but leading questions.

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