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The next pandemic: what I think about COVID19

4 April, 2020 | Lynette

A LinkedIn article by Lynette Nusbacher I have an invitation from Mr Rob Edwardsen, currently providing essential services in Thousand Oaks, California. He’s invited me to shift focus from client strategy to my views on the COVID19 pandemic as a whole. That is, he asked me what I think about all this. The first thing […]

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Covid-19, hysteria and the Trolley Problem

1 April, 2020 | Lynette

A LinkedIn article by Lynette Nusbacher I’ve read three pieces in the last few days which critique measures taken to control the spread of infectious disease. These critiques characterise the measures as ‘hysterical’, and suggest that the measures will inappropriately sacrifice economic activity in pursuit of keeping people alive. Two critiques were by legal scholars. […]

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Coronavirus Recovery

17 March, 2020 | Lynette

Working with our client, the global law firm DLA Piper, we are beginning to make strategy for the period of recovery from coronavirus-related disease and its effects. In order to establish the parameters for this work, we brought virologist and coronavirus expert Emilia Skirmuntt in to cut through a lot of the overheated statements we […]

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I should not be fighting this fire

15 March, 2020 | Lynette

A LinkedIn article by Lynette Nusbacher I’m doing COVID-19 work. To some extent I’m happy to be there for my clients when they need to shift focus away from strategy to put some structure around their close game. I know that structured tools are good for crisis management. Fire-fighting is important when there are fires; that’s […]

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Nobody does scenarios like Shell

4 March, 2020 | Lynette

A LinkedIn article by Lynette Nusbacher The author of this piece, apparently a published authority on millenials, feels he is exposing the deep, dark beating heart of Royal Dutch Shell. He is naïve (or perhaps disingenuous) about the economics of … well, of economics in general. He is also a nasty shit insofar as he […]

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10 October, 2019 | Lynette

We’ve been helping our friends understand and prepare for crash-Brexit scenarios for three and a half years now. Our familiarity with Brexit futures, combined with your knowledge of your business and your sector, can help you continue to do business as seamlessly as possible when you find yourself operating outside the European Union in 21 […]

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Nusbacher Keynotes Professional Wargaming Conference

4 September, 2019 | Lynette

The wargaming and simulation community needs to continue to sell gaming to think tanks and universities. Wargaming is still too dependent on creative and ambitious individuals adopting the technique. Dr Lynette Nusbacher, the Devil’s Advocate at Nusbacher Associates, gave a keynote address at the Connections UK Professional Wargaming conference in London on 4 September 2019. […]

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Nusbacher on the Brexit Wargame

8 April, 2019 | Lynette

Lynette Nusbacher, the Devil’s Advocate here at Nusbacher Associates, scrawls a five minute read on the Imperica blog about the wargame that’s going to help us understand the post-Brexit universe.

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It’s not Brexit, it’s European Relations and Trade

17 March, 2019 | Lynette

Nusbacher Associates has been fully engaged in Brexit for just over three years now.  We had our first Brexit engagement in February of 2016, our first client event in March of 2016, and we’ve been going full force on Brexit preparation for our clients since early July of 2016. The good thing about Brexit prep […]

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Legal Week covers Nusbacher Associates’ contribution (paywall)

16 January, 2019 | Lynette

Nusbacher Associates are name-checked in the January issue of Legal Week (behind a paywall) for our work on Brexit preparation: In 2018, Pinsent Masons hired military scenario planner and historian Lynette Nusbacher to help watch the “Brexit horizon” for the firm and its clients. Nusbacher has since worked with Pinsents to outline four possible Brexit scenarios that […]

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