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4 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Krebs on Security has had a good string of success lately, not only with the Silk Road situation, but also with identify and connecting this hack to priors. A website to watch for more useful info.

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New fonts (hopefully) foils scanners

3 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

It’s a nice thought, these four fonts designed by a South Korean veteran in order to foil optics although the technology may catch up sooner than later. But they’re pretty, and for now it just might work.

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*updated* Tor for anonymous browsing

2 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

UPDATE – apparently if used with Firefox, there is a way NSA can see some of it — ORIGINAL – Tor has become quite popular here since the NSA scandal began breaking, and the good news is that more users means more anonymity. Here’s the website with their bundles and security tips for those […]

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Clapper’s mercenaries

2 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Apparently, James Clapper thinks American intelligencers are mere mercenaries who will turn coat because of the shutdown. Here’s his ridiculous smear upon America’s intelligence community, which I hope gets him sacked.

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Cellphone blacklist

1 October, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Rather like a VIN registry for stolen cars, Canada now hasan IMEI registry for stolen phones. Well, at least we’ll know who *doesn’t* have their phone when its tower info and conversations are collected.

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28 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

As the victims are mourned buried, Kenya’s government stands firm on its military’s reasoning regarding, and presence in, Somalia (a refreshing change from the current appeasement stance of other governments) — Kenyans undertake #weareone, a social media campaign to prevent retaliation against residents of Somali origin/extraction (a refreshing change from the blood feud culture in […]

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Westgate – Interpol warrant

27 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

A decent summary of what’s known about the Interpol warrant, recent travels and associations. Includes helpful links to the Interpol page and some emerging developments.

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Cognitive bias and ops

26 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Substitute an intelligence operation for the house in this realty article and it’s a helpful example for your next group of students.

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Well done, Kenya

23 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Looks like the Westgate incident is coming to a close today. I spent some time at CJTF-HOA and I am immensely proud of the Kenyans perceptiveness, independence, commitment, and fierce attitude toward combatting terrorism. Especially refreshing to hear Pres Kenyatta’s remarks on fighting global Islamism during the incident, in which his nephew was murdered, compared […]

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Medieval fakes and pretenders

22 September, 2013 | The Red Team Red Queen

Here’s a nifty list of people who pretended to be important folk in medieval times. Some succeeded, one may not have been a pretender at all, and one complete bastard dimed out his cat and it was hanged for his crimes.

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