Nusbacher Associates

Is it a product? Is it a service? Yes, and it’s engagement.

We’re not just a think tank. We act, which is what you need to do.

When we work with you to develop strategy, we will equip you with ways to make your strategy operational. We don’t mean something vague: we mean a list of sharp and useful action points. We also offer an ongoing relationship in which your strategic leaders have access to us.


We create a meeting of minds.

We are not part of your organisation. We are not even part of your world.

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Devil’s Advocacy

Whose job is it to tell you the unvarnished truth?

Sometimes the truth hurts, and telling the boss the truth can hurt a lot. Even the most perceptive leaders can be given messages they want to hear.

You’re the boss. It’s your problem.

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Pro Quo™ Session

How do you get where you need to go?

How many times have you gone through a visioning exercise or created a strategy document? A hundred times? A thousand times? Has it ever led to a well-developed list of delicate adjustments to get you where you need to be in 18 months’ time?

We didn’t think so.

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Horizon Scan

What future is relevant to you?

You think the horizon is almost infinitely far away. Look away; look back. You’re past it and staring at another one.

People proceed as if tomorrow will be another today, and thus are not prepared for changing realities. Horizon scans are events and programmes in which can help you sift through data, exploring potential challenges and opportunities and helping you act in ways that will deliver you most successfully to your future.

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We can let you know about coming workshops and events exclusive to subscribers. We will not, of course, sell or give our mailing list to anyone else, on our honour as Devil's Advocates.



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