Nusbacher Associates

Horizon Scan

Use structured methods to view your future.

People proceed as if tomorrow will be another today, and thus are not prepared for changing realities. Nusbacher Associates can help you sift through data, exploring potential challenges and opportunities—including new technologies and cyber tech—and helping you formulate plans of actions that will deliver you most successfully to your future.

Sometimes when we say we practise strategy people say ‘oh, blue skies’. They don’t mean good weather and they don’t mean flying high. They think that practising strategy means plucking ideas out of a blue sky, and they are wrong. Eighteen months from now the world will be different. Can you or any leader look us in the eye and say that the differences between today and today plus eighteen months are going to be negligible?

Horizon scanning isn’t about predicting the future. It’s about looking at the future systematically with you, which shakes you out of your linear view of the future and prepares you for the disrupted reality ahead.




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