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We are vulnerable to strategic shock because discontinuous events always happen.

Lynette Nusbacher Devil's Advocate

Lynette Nusbacher
Devil’s Advocate

Can you ever have enough brain cells?

Nusbacher Associates has a network of brilliant people around the globe who ensure that we never become slaves of our own corporate culture. At the centre of this web is a core of intellectual and conceptual excellence.

Lynette Nusbacher is an expert on horizon scanning and strategy. She was part of the team that created two of the UK’s National Security Strategies and set up Britain’s National Security Council. She has been Senior Lecturer in War Studies, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Head of the Strategic Horizons Unit in the UK Cabinet Office and the Devil’s Advocate in Britain’s Joint Intelligence Organisation. She has a background in red teaming, devil’s advocacy and structured methods of analysis.

Rina Atienza MA, Director of Operations

Rina flexes her strength as a multi-potentialite with eclectic interests, which makes for a highly resourceful problem solver.  She is a social engineer who pushes for more radical and imaginative visions to tackle ‘wicked’ problems. She enjoys cultivating connections, and values the application of playfulness.

Rina came to us as a senior communications professional with experience in managing creative campaigns, developing brands and delivering projects. She has worked with telecoms, arts organizations, charities, startup companies and national governments.  She studied History of Art at Warwick University, and completed her MA in Social & Cultural History at Birkbeck College.

Jack Garrett MSc, Human-Cybernetic Relations

Jack Garrett comes from science and technology. He is a problem solver and solution finder, with particular expertise in tech and tech procurement.  

He was Head of EMEA/APAC Solutions Consulting for major global software firms, bringing transformative user experiences, revenue, and efficiency to industry leaders in travel, retail, and telecommunications. 

He has been published as co-author and editor of L2TP and SIGTRAN, protocols and standards which defined the basis for the current global Internet.

Jack has been an actor, radio personality, master swordsman and competitive fitness athlete alongside a career spent helping enterprises connect strategy with tactics, identify the real questions, and find solutions which deliver tangible value.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from The Colorado College, and a Master of Science in Telecommunications from The University of Colorado at Boulder.


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