Nusbacher Associates


Our diverse network of associates includes people from many different backgrounds and disciplines. Their common element: brilliance.

Rina Atienza MA, Director of Operations

Rina flexes her strength as a multi-potentialite with eclectic interests, which makes for a highly resourceful problem solver.  She is a social engineer who pushes for more radical and imaginative visions to tackle ‘wicked’ problems. She enjoys cultivating connections, and values the application of playfulness.

Rina came to us as a senior communications professional with experience in managing creative campaigns, developing brands and delivering projects. She has worked with telecoms, arts organizations, charities, startup companies and national governments.  She studied History of Art at Warwick University, and completed her MA in Social & Cultural History at Birkbeck College.

Dana Cushing USMC (Retd.)

Dana Cushing is a U.S. Marine who served in Iraq and the Horn of Africa before her retirement for combat-related injuries in 2006. She holds degrees in Intelligence Operations Studies and Mediæval Studies. Her second book, A German Third Crusader’s Chronicle of his Voyage and the Almohad Siege of Silves, 1189 AD / Muwahid Xelb, 585 AH: De Itinere Navali, was released in October 2013. Cushing is known internationally for her innovative blending of military and academic proficiencies to effect problem-solving research.

Jennifer McGowan MA PhD

Jennifer took her AB cum laude from Princeton University, and her MA and PhD from the University of Wales. She has taught many subjects, ranging from Comparative Literature to Heritage Studies, to both undergraduates and postgraduates at various universities in the UK, including the University of Warwick. Scholar, linguist, and erstwhile marine scientist, she is also a published author, poet, journalist, and singer/songwriter, and enjoys putting one word in front of another.

Jack Nusbacher BA MD

Jack Nusbacher has been National Director of the Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service; and has directed large metropolitan blood banks in Rochester (New York), Pittsburgh and Toronto; and has been chief of blood services at major regional hospitals.  He has been Medical Director at Kamada Ltd, an Israeli plasma fractionation company, and Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for GammaCan, an Israeli-American immunotherapy startup.  He is an expert in American and European pharmaceutical and biologics regulation with experience working with the FDA and EMEA.  He is an accomplished author and grant writer, and was a member of the editorial board of the journal Transfusion for 20 years.  He is currently nurturing medical technology startups in Israel.  He has been Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester, the University of Pittsburgh and Tel-Aviv University.


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