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Most vision statements are tripe,
and that’s a shame because
vision is vital to strategy.


Lynette NusbacherDevil's Advocate

Vision is vital to strategy, but

Vision is no good unless it is focussed.


You need to look to the future, past your day-to-day operations, to build a useful strategic vision. This isn’t easy because you’re looking through filters of your own perceptions and those of the people around you.

Getting there from here: We all think that we see the present clearly. We don’t.

What future?

We all assume that the future will be shaped by continuous trends to look much like the present. That is certain to be wrong.

What timeline?

It’s easy to say people should look past this quarter or this year, but should they scan a two year horizon or a five year horizon?

How do you turn a strategic vision into a reality?

Focus: finely adjust strategic drivers and constraints to get you where you need to be.


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