Nusbacher Associates

The insidious thing about groupthink is that we all imagine we’re immune.

Lilly EvansDevil's Advocate

What inspires us to help you?

We are all prisoners of our preconceptions. The Devil’s Advocate liberates you to make your way to where you need to be.

You are in charge of any kind of organisation, programme, business or business unit that expects to exist next year. Boards, chief officers of companies and senior government officials need somebody to give them the straight talk without fear or favour. Subordinates, however brilliant, focus on this quarter and this year, not on strategy. They fight the crocodile closest to the canoe. They fight fires. We are a think-and-do tank, so we’re confidential advisors and never subordinates.

We offer Devil’s Advocacy, sound horizon scanning and structured methods of making strategy; and we do it because these are genuine needs in every organisation.

Our core and associates all have experience and insight into strategy. We have advanced degrees, we have operational experience and we have worked in government and the private sector. We have a good sense of our professional values as strategists and of our skills as communicators and facilitators. We have seen passion and energy and ideas driven in pointless directions and thrown to the four winds. As people who prize passion, we hate that.



We can let you know about coming workshops and events exclusive to subscribers. We will not, of course, sell or give our mailing list to anyone else, on our honour as Devil's Advocates.



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