The world may take you from A to B to C, but rarely in a straight line

The flame tree, Delonix regia, represents our organic, resilient and exciting approach to our work. A healthy tree is upright, but organically shaped to thrive in changing environments. Its growth seems unpredictable and apparently random, but it responds to seen and unseen factors in its environment. It is structured and rigid, but also sufficiently flexible.

We love engaging with brilliant decision makers and visionary leaders who are accountable for the strategic imperatives of businesses, to lead the dynamic deployment and operations of their resources and understanding.

Flame tree

Want to fly away?

Flying Cars are Part of My Job

Lynette Nusbacher | 9 April

A lot of my thinking in recent weeks has been around aerospace and aviation, particularly on the commercial end of that pairing. This is part of our programme called ‘When do we start?’ The programme is aimed at helping our clients dissolve some of the uncertainty about the post-Covid future.

Navigating uncertainties

Using structured strategy and plausible futures

Lynette Nusbacher | 9 April

I’m Lynette Nusbacher – Devil’s Advocate, strategist and futurist, broadcaster and principal at Nusbacher & Associates.

Over the next few editions I intend to introduce you to the projects we are working on which will enable our clients to approach the uncertainties of the post-Pandemic era inoculated against strategic shock.